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Zeroplus USB 2.0 Capture Board

Artikelnummer: ART3071

Decoding Modes: USB1.0 (LOW), USB 1.1 (FULL) und USB 2.0 (HIGH)

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Support the Data Format, the users can vary the displayed Ary of the Data as their requirements.

Packet Optimization: It not only can be used to select the Items (Packet#, Name and TimeStamp) to be displayed, but also can be used to support the Data Combination and the Packet Format Filter functions according to the viewing Mode. So with the help of the function, the speed of analyzing the signal can be improved.

The USB has three Decoding Modes, namely, USB1.0 (LOW), USB 1.1 (FULL) and USB 2.0(HIGH).

The USB Transmission Protocol includes the different Packet Formats, so it can be used to select a part of data and analyze the data fast.

The USB can be used to improve the working efficiency for users in the process of analyzing the signal, matching with the ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer.

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