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Zeroplus Standard SD (Connector type) Adapter

Artikelnummer: ART3266

Support SD version: SD2.0/MMC standard card (Backwards Compatibility)

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Only support LAP-B(702000X)

ZEROPLUS Company to design the SD/MMC adapter plate is for standard SD / MMC card and it purpose with save time and reduce development costs for each customer or developer. This adapter advantage is a dramatically reduce noise interference and eliminating the user need for wiring. This adapter connector is jack module (Female) for the SD measurement needs, and that easy for developers to using and troubleshoots line and signal interference. This SD adapter can measurement facilitates the monitoring signal pinout to test protocol by the SD/MMC card. In addition, it can be used together with logic analyzers (B-702000X), and to reach comprehensive grasp of all communication mode for SD/MMC Protocol.

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